Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong

Risk-focused Industry Meeting Series

In 2013, the SFC's Risk and Strategy unit (R&S) launched a series of risk-focused industry meetings with a wide range of financial institutions and market participants.  The first series of meetings were conducted with a representative sample of Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions (G-SIFIs) and led to the publication of a report entitled G-SIFI Trends in Risk and Risk Mitigation, with topics focused on the evolution of risk and on measures for risk mitigation, against the backdrop of changing business models and market structure as well as product innovation. The report highlighted:

  • aspects of best practices adopted by G-SIFIs for the purpose of risk identification and risk mitigation
  • forward-looking themes to achieve continuous improvement by G-SIFIs in risk governance and risk culture

During 2014, R&S continued its risk-focused industry meetings with the asset management industry, which included a representative sample of global, local and mainland China asset managers. The second report in the series, entitled Asset Management: Looking Forward, highlighted key industry trends such as:

  • strong asset management growth in Asia (excluding Japan and Australia)
  • the importance of scale for asset managers and Hong Kong's connectivity with mainland China
  • increased demand for complex products
  • increased investor focus on fees, contributing to more low cost and indexed products
  • distribution of retail funds moving online, leading to competition on fees
  • evolving international regulation, including focus on risk governance and risk culture
  • varying viewpoints on systemic risk in asset management
  • an emerging trend towards integration of environmental, social and corporate governance factors in investment risk assessment
Publication Date
Risk-focused Industry Meeting Series:
Asset Management: Looking Forward
21 Jan 2015
Risk-focused Industry Meeting Series:
G-SIFI Trends in Risk and Risk Mitigation
18 Dec 2013

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