Circular to Licensed Corporations Engaged in Asset Management and/or Giving Advice on Funds / Portfolios - Fund Management Activities Survey 2017

2 Mar 2018

  1. As an annual exercise to collect information on fund management activities in Hong Kong for regulatory and market facilitation purposes and to develop a better understanding of the state of the fund management industry in Hong Kong, we have now commenced the Fund Management Activities Survey 2017 (the “FMAS”).  We would appreciate your continued co-operation, as in previous years, by completing and returning the questionnaire on or before 6 April 2018.

  2. For those licensed corporations which had had gross operating income derived from: asset management and / or giving advice on funds / portfolios during the year of 2017, please complete the whole questionnaire.  If your corporation did not engage in any of the activities covered in the survey throughout the year, please still fill in Part I of the questionnaire.  A copy of the questionnaire can be downloaded from the Commission’s designated webpage through the Internet at:
    (Please enable Macros when opening the Excel file.)

  3. To reduce the amount of paper work and facilitate data analysis, you are encouraged to submit your completed questionnaire electronically through the above designated webpage.  Please refer to the cover sheet of the questionnaire for details.

  4. Please read the guidance notes annexed to the questionnaire prior to completing it.  Please be assured that all information supplied will be treated in strict confidence and will not be disclosed to any third party except in an aggregated form of statistics.

  5. If you have any queries on the FMAS, please contact the Investment Products Division at (852) 2231-1532 if your company’s name begins with the letter A – H, or (852) 2231-1735 if your company’s name begins with the letter I – Z.

Investment Products Division
Securities and Futures Commission

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