Consultation Paper on the regulation of sponsors

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The Securities and Futures Commission (the "SFC") invites market participants and interested parties to submit written comments on the Consultation Paper on the regulation of sponsors (available as Acrobat PDF file) on or before 31 July 2012. Any persons wishing to submit comments should, where applicable, provide details of any organizations the views of which they represent. In addition, persons suggesting alternative approaches are encouraged to submit proposed text of possible amendments that would be necessary to incorporate their suggestions.

Please note that the names of the respondents and the contents of their submissions may be published on the SFC web site and in other documents to be published by the SFC. In this connection, please read the Personal Information Collection Statement. If you wish to remain anonymous as a respondent, please so indicate when submitting your input.

The deadline for submitting your input is on or before 31 Jul 2012.  

Page last updated : 1 Aug 2012