Consultation Paper on Proposals for a Scripless Securities Market

Category A

Date Name
10 May 2002 Consumer Council
8 May 2002 Federation of Share Registrars Limited
8 May 2002 Hong Kong Securities Institute
15 Apr 2002 Hong Kong Society of Accountants
26 Apr 2002 HSBC Broking Nominees (Asia) Limited
14 May 2002 HSBC Holdings PLC
7 May 2002 Standard Chartered Bank
26 Apr 2002 The Hong Kong Association of Banks
25 Apr 2002 The Hong Kong Association of Online Brokers
6 May 2002 The Hong Kong Institute of Directors
8 May 2002 The Law Society of Hong Kong
8 May 2002 UBS Warburg

Category B

Date Name

Category C

There are 0submission(s) where the commentator requested that both name and submission to be withheld from publication.

Category D

Date Name

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