Consultation Paper on proposals to enhance the regulatory regime for non-corporate listed entities

Category A

Date Name
21 Dec 2012 Baker & McKenzie (貝克‧麥堅時律師事務所)
21 Dec 2012 Clifford Chance (高偉紳律師行)
24 Dec 2012 Guardian Regulatory Consulting Limited (佳衛合規諮詢有限公司)
24 Dec 2012 Hong Kong Trustees' Association (香港信託人公會)
19 Dec 2012 Kinetic Partners (Hong Kong) Limited
20 Dec 2012 Linklaters (年利達律師事務所)
25 Dec 2012 OSK Securities Hong Kong Ltd (僑豐證券有限公司)
24 Dec 2012 Simmons & Simmons (on its own behalf and on behalf of: Enhanced Investment Products Limited and Sensible Asset Management Hong Kong Limited) (西盟斯律師行 - 代表其本身及代表以下機構:易亞投資管理有限公司及盛寶資產管理香港有限公司)
7 Dec 2012 Suen Chi Wai
13 Dec 2012 The Law Society of Hong Kong (香港律師會)

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