Arrangements relating to SFC’s public services

5 Feb 2020

The SFC has reconfigured its staffing arrangements to limit coronavirus infection risks, as have many other organisations.  These arrangements will, for the time being, involve some staff working from home or remotely.  

The SFC will still do its utmost to continue to provide all of its public services as usual.  It is, however, possible that response times in some areas may be longer than normal.  This may affect, for example, some licensing applications, some product applications, and our public complaints and enquiry service.  We will endeavour to keep any interruptions or delays to a minimum.

The SFC also appreciates that some licensed corporations and applicants may experience operational difficulties during this period.

Licensed corporations and applicants as well as market participants are generally expected to make all reasonable efforts to maintain “business as usual” in relation to their regulatory obligations and all regulatory filing, reporting and other deadlines.  If, however, any of them do encounter specific difficulties arising from the coronavirus situation, they are encouraged to communicate promptly with their usual contact points at the SFC.


Page last updated : 5 Feb 2020