Electronic Investor Resources Centre (eIRC)

29 Jun 2000

The Secretary for Financial Services, Mr Stephen Ip, JP, officially declared open the Electronic Investor Resources Centre (eIRC) at the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). The eIRC is designed to provide round-the-clock access by investors to a one-stop site for education information on investments and regulations. The URL for the eIRC web site is http://www.HKeiRC.org.

The eIRC is part of the SFC’s efforts in Investor Education to help investors make informed decisions on their investments in securities and derivative markets.

Unlike other financial portals, the eIRC does not give investment advice. It is dedicated to empowering investors to acquire knowledge on the different aspects of investing, as well as becoming a site which facilitates investors in conducting their research on investments.

Targeting at all investors with different investing profiles, the eIRC is designed as a virtual library covering a wide range of topics. It has already at its launch, one of the largest hyperlinks of investor education websites. It is linked to over 400 web sites of regulators, market institutions and Internet content providers, categorised under the following sections:

  • Investing Basics
  • Investment Institutions
  • Investment Products
  • Investor Protection
  • Investment Techniques
  • Other Resources
  • Market Simulations
  • Glossary
  • Research & Data

New links will be added to each section on an ongoing basis in order to keep investors abreast of new developments and references.

In addition, the eIRC features a “Special Topics” section, where the SFC makes use of multi-media material to explain areas of special focus or topical interest. The two inaugural topics are “Understanding Tech Stocks and Their Risks” and “Securities Margin Financing”.

The eIRC also contains some enhanced features such as “Search” and “Tell a Friend” functions.

In officiating the launch of the eIRC, Mr Stephen Ip, Secretary for Financial Services said, “Following the launch of the Electronic Investor Resources Centre today, investors will have an additional channel to equip themselves and improve their knowledge. Both the Financial Services Bureau and the Securities and Futures Commission attach great importance to investor education and protection. I encourage investors to make the best use of the services provided by the Commission to equip and educate themselves. ”

In welcoming Mr Stephen Ip to officiate the launch of the eIRC, SFC Chairman, Mr Andrew Sheng said, “As markets become more complex, investors must evaluate their own risk appetite and understand and appreciate the risks of their investments. To do this, they need timely and good quality information. Establishing the eIRC is a cost effective and easily accessible way for investors to get hold of investor education material. We hope that more and more investors would take advantage of this new Website.”

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