Warning: Beware of stock trading platform scams
The SFC reminds the public to stay vigilant against fraudulent stock trading platforms.
In cases reported to the SFC, scammers reached victims via instant messages. The messages contained hyperlinks to so-called trading platforms that claimed to offer insider information about the Mainland A-share market. However, these turned out to be scams, as the victims lost all their funds after remittance to the platforms as instructed by the fraudsters.
The SFC urges the public to exercise caution against hyperlinks from unknown sources. If you receive a message purportedly sent from an investment company or a securities firm or their staff, you should contact the relevant company to verify the sender’s identity. If you are requested to transfer money to a personal bank account or digital wallet, this is most likely a fraud.
Please go to the Public register of licensed persons and registered institutions for contact details of the SFC’s licensees.

Last update: 1 Jun 2023

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