Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong

Fintech Advisory Group


The Fintech Advisory Group is formed to facilitate the Fintech Contact Point to:

  • obtain information on the latest trends of Fintech;
  • collect stakeholders' input on specific Fintech themes;
  • identify the opportunities, risks and regulatory perimeter implications of Fintech; and
  • broaden the understanding of Fintech as an evolution of the financial services industry.

Members' Particulars

Ex officio members from the SFC

  • NOLENS, Bénédicte N.: Senior Director, Head of Risk and Strategy (Chair of the Fintech Advisory Group)
  • CHIONG, Ron Sai Lung: Associate Director, Risk and Strategy Unit
  • CHAN, Rogers Man Cheong: Senior Manager, Risk and Strategy Unit

External members with one-year renewable term effective from 1 March 2017

  • ADVANI, Alokik Indru: Managing Director, Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C.
  • ARSLANIAN, Henri-Kevork, Director, PwC Consulting Hong Kong Limited
  • BARBERIS, Janos: Founder, SuperCharger
  • GUZY, Melissa C.: Managing Partner, Arbor Ventures
  • JOHNSTONE, Syren: Adjunct Associate Professor, The University of Hong Kong
  • LEWIS, Antony: Director of Research, R3
  • LI, Ting: CEO, Yunfeng Financial Group
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