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Other regulators and related agencies

Below is a list of major regulators and related agencies in Hong Kong and overseas:

Hong Kong 

Accounting and Financial Reporting Council
Financial Dispute Resolution Centre

Financial Services and The Treasury Bureau
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd
Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Hong Kong Police Force
ICAC: Corruption Prevention Advisory Service
ICAC: Ethics Promotion Programme for Listed Companies
ICAC: Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre
Insurance Authority
Joint Financial Intelligence Unit
Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority

Overseas and others

Australia: Australian Securities and Investments Commission
China: China Securities Regulatory Commission
France: Autorité des marchés financiers
Germany: Federal Financial Supervisory Authority
India: Securities and Exchange Board of India
Japan: Ministry of Finance, Japan
Malaysia: Securities Commission, Malaysia
New Zealand: Financial Markets Authority
Singapore: Monetary Authority of Singapore
Taiwan, China: Securities and Futures Bureau
United Kingdom: Financial Conduct Authority
United States: Securities and Exchange Commission
International: Asia Pacific Takeovers Regulators Forum
International: Financial Action Task Force
International: Financial Stability Board
International: International Organization of Securities Commissions
International: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Last update: 26 Mar 2024

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