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Codes and guidelines

The SFC issues codes and guidelines to help industry participants comply with the laws.

Under the Securities and Futures Ordinance (SFO) (section 169), the SFC has specific power to publish codes of conduct for the purpose of giving guidance relating to the practices and standards with which intermediaries and their representatives are expected to comply.

Breach of a code of conduct provision may lead to disciplinary action. In addition, the SFC has a general power (section 399) to issue codes and guidelines:

  • to provide guidance for the furtherance of its regulatory objectives,
  • in relation to any matters pertaining to any of its functions, and
  • in relation to the operation of any provision of the SFO.

However, such codes and guidelines are not subsidiary legislation and failure to comply with them does not by itself render a person liable to any judicial or other proceedings. The codes and guidelines, for example, seek to assist intermediaries to comply with applicable regulatory requirements so that they are fit and proper to remain licensed or registered.

Our codes and guidelines cover a wide range of regulatory functions. Those that are applicable today and their earlier versions(s), if any, can be viewed in this section, providing easy search via multiple criteria, indexing and cross referencing. Please click to enter the appropriate section below:

› Codes

› Guidelines

Last update: 4 Oct 2023

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