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SFC’s international activities

The SFC’s participation in the international regulatory community raises Hong Kong’s profile globally and within the Asia-Pacific region, supporting Hong Kong’s status as an international financial centre. It also enhances investor confidence by ensuring that our capital markets operate in a fair, efficient and transparent manner, in line with international standards.

International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)

Our CEO, Ms Julia Leung, is a member of the Board of IOSCO, an international body of securities regulators whose membership covers more than 95% of the world’s securities markets in more than 115 jurisdictions. The SFC participates in IOSCO policy committees and task forces, contributing to international standard setting.

The SFC is a member of the IOSCO Asia-Pacific Regional Committee (APRC) and leads the APRC working group on sustainable finance. The APRC, which is made up of 24 capital market regulators and policy makers within the Asia-Pacific region, focuses on addressing regulatory and supervisory matters that are considered priorities in the region.

Financial Stability Board (FSB)

We participate in the work of the FSB on behalf of the SFC and Hong Kong. The SFC is a member of the FSB Standing Committee on Standards Implementation and also collaborates with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, which represents Hong Kong on the FSB Plenary. 

Other international engagement

In addition to its participation in the multilateral forums described above, the SFC also engages bilaterally with overseas regulators to share information and discuss topics of mutual interest. We also provide training and technical assistance upon request from other regulators, including providing secondment opportunities (where appropriate) and hosting delegations from overseas authorities.

International cooperation arrangements

Given that cross-border financial activities is increasing significantly, international cooperation has become correspondingly important. The SFC works closely with overseas regulators in this respect, frequently receiving or making requests for assistance and information.

The SFC is a signatory to the IOSCO Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MMOU) which facilitates global information-sharing among securities regulators for enforcement purposes. We are also a signatory to the IOSCO Enhanced MMOU, which provides additional tools to meet the challenges of combating financial misconduct in an increasingly complex, inter-connected and technology-driven global financial market.

In addition, we have also entered into other arrangements for the purposes of (i) supervisory cooperation, (ii) cross-border cooperation to promote the development of certain mutually agreed investment products, and (iii) financial technology (Fintech) related cooperation.

The SFC’s cooperation arrangements can be found at the following links:

(i) Enforcement and investigatory assistance

(ii) Exchange of supervisory information

(iii) Market or product-related arrangements

(iv) Fintech cooperation

International Affairs and Sustainable Finance (IASF)

The IASF team supports and coordinates the SFC’s international work. The SFC has built and continues to maintain strong relationships with its international counterparts and other key stakeholders. This enhances global cooperation and allows the SFC to keep abreast of regulatory trends, developments, emerging risks and opportunities that may have an impact on Hong Kong’s financial markets.

IASF also is responsible for coordinating the SFC’s objectives in green and sustainable finance on local, regional and international levels. More information on the SFC’s green and sustainable finance work is available here.

Last update: 1 Jan 2023

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