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Contact us

You are welcome to contact us with your questions or comments. Please keep in mind that we are not in a position to answer questions about certain topics.

In responding to general enquiries, we may only be able to provide publicly available information published on our website. Before contacting us, we advise you to refer to our FAQs where you may quickly find the information you seek.

To help us handle your enquiry more efficiently, please be sure to provide us with your name and contact details so that we can get back to you.

Most regulatory filings, applications and disclosure notifications can be sent to us using WINGS (Web-based INteGrated Service), a dedicated online platform for submitting information electronically to the SFC.


By email

To ensure your enquiries are handled promptly, please write to the most relevant address below. Please do not send your enquiry to more than one SFC e-mailbox.

To lodge a complaint against intermediaries and market activities, please complete our online Complaint Form

Type email address
General enquiries, comments and suggestions (see FAQs)
Media enquiries

Licensing-related enquiries

Private equity firms enquiries

Family offices enquiries

Listing and takeover matters
Open-ended fund companies matters
Real estate investment trusts matters
Short position reporting
Chief Executive Officer's Office


By post and in person

We recommend you make an appointment before visiting our office.

Our postal address:
Securities and Futures Commission
54/F, One Island East
18 Westlands Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

If you wish to submit documents, comments or queries by hand delivery, please go to 54/F, One Island East, 18 Westlands Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.


By phone and fax

Enquiries and complaints

Contact numbers

  Tel Fax
General enquiries (852) 2231 1222
Press 5 after language selection

Note: We may direct your enquiry to the relevant division where appropriate
(852) 2521 7836
Specific enquiries
  • Licensing
(852) 2231 1222
Press 1 after language selection
(852) 2501 0375
  • Intermediaries supervision
(852) 2231 1222
Press 2 after language selection
(852) 2526 5304
  • Investment products
(852) 2231 1222
Press 3 after language selection
(852) 2877 0318
  • Real estate investment trusts
(852) 2231 2400 (852) 2877 0318
  • Initial public offerings (IPO)
(852) 2231 1216 (852) 2810 5385
  • Listing policy
(852) 2231 1249 (852) 2810 5385
  • Post-IPO regulation
(852) 2231 1009 (852) 2810 5385
  • Takeover and mergers
(852) 2231 1210 (852) 2810 5385
  • Supervision of markets
(852) 2231 1222 (852) 2521 7917
  • Short position reporting
(852) 2231 1222 (852) 2521 7917
  • Enforcement
(852) 2231 1222 (852) 2521 7929
Reception (852) 2231 1222
Press 5 after language selection
Media (852) 2231 1860 (852) 2293 4901
Complaints against intermediaries and market activities (852) 2231 1222
Press 4 after language selection
(852) 2524 3718

Call termination policy

We have formulated a Call Termination Policy in order to ensure efficient use of our resources. In the event a caller uses foul or abusive language during a telephone conversation with an SFC employee, the caller will be informed once that if the use of such language continues the call will be terminated. If the caller continues to use such language, the SFC employee will invite the caller to put the matter in writing and terminate the call.

When we respond

We may not be able to respond to your enquiries immediately. We pledge to give preliminary replies to general enquiries, both verbal and written, within five business days. However, it may take longer for particularly complex enquiries.

If you wish to file a complaint about suspected market misconduct or against the SFC or its staff, please see “Lodge a complaint” for details.

Last update: 21 Jul 2021

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