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A copy of each document to be displayed under Note 1 to Rule 8 of the Takeovers Code must be provided in electronic form acceptable to the Takeovers Executive for display on the SFC website before the despatch of the offer document or offeree board circular, or other documents issued under the Codes on Takeovers and Mergers and Shares Buy-backs (Codes) as appropriate. After the end of the offer period, the provider of the documents on display may make arrangements to remove them from display on the SFC website.

Disclaimer: The documents on display have been provided to the SFC in electronic form by the issuers of offer documents, offeree board circulars or other documents issued under the Codes. These documents have not been reviewed by the Takeovers Executive. The provider of the documents on display takes full responsibility for the description and the information in the documents displayed.

Please also refer to a separate disclaimer for more general guidance on the SFC's position on information on our website. In addition, please note that the documents are displayed on a best-effort basis and the SFC accepts no liability for any delay or error in the display of these documents.

The SFC does not own the copyright for any of the documents on display. By providing the documents on display to the SFC in accordance with the Codes, an issuer consents to these documents being downloaded or printed by users of our website solely for their personal use or for use within their firm or organisation.

Any user who wishes to reproduce for or distribute to third parties any of the documents on display or use them for commercial purposes should seek the consent of the relevant issuer. The SFC accepts no liability for any user who fails to seek or obtain such consent.

The SFC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove any of the documents on display from its website. In any event, the documents on display will be removed from the SFC website upon the request of the relevant issuer after the end of the relevant offer period.

Offeree / Name of target company (Offeror) Stock code (Stock code ) Documents on display Document type Document date
Anhui Expressway Company Limited (Anhui Transportation Holding Group Company Limited ) 00995 (-) Whitewash Circular   26 Jul 2023  
Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited (WM Motor Holdings Limited) 00860 (-) Circular   27 Jun 2023  
China Medical & HealthCare Group Limited (Fareast Global Limited) 00383 (-) Composite Document   31 Aug 2023  
Chong Kin Group Holdings Limited (Chong Kin Group Holdings Limited) 01609 (01609) Share Buy-back Offer Document   24 Aug 2023  
Global Sweeteners Holdings Limited (Kong Zhanpeng/ Wang Tieguang ) 03889 (-) Special Deal Circular   31 May 2023  
Golden Eagle Retail Group Limited (Golden Eagle Retail Investment Limited) 03308 (-) Scheme Document   23 Aug 2023  
Hang Yick Holdings Company Limited (Mr. Xu Ai Hua) 01894 (-) Composite document   21 Sep 2023  
IMAX China Holding, Inc. (IMAX Corporation) 01970 (-) Scheme Document   15 Sep 2023  
Li Bao Ge Group Limited (Kafelaku Coffee Industrial Limited) 01869 (-) Composite Document   31 Aug 2023  
Mason Group Holdings Limited (Liberty High Capital Limited) 00273 (-) Scheme Document   8 Sep 2023  
Poly Culture Group Corporation Limited (Zhongyi Century Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd.* ) 03636 (-) Composite Document   18 Sep 2023  
Trigiant Group Limited (Trigiant Investments Limited ) 01300 (-) Scheme Document   22 Sep 2023  
Yongsheng Advanced Materials Company Limited (Harmonic Ease Ventures Limited) 03608 (-) Composite document   31 Aug 2023  

Last update: 22 Sep 2023

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