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Organisational chart

Academic and Accreditation Advisory Committee


  • Approves industry-based courses and examinations for the purpose of meeting the licensing competence requirements
  • Endorses applications from professional bodies and tertiary institutions to be recognised institutions for providing continuous professional training
  • Advises the SFC on areas to study for the purpose of enhancing Hong Kong’s position as an international financial centre
  • Provides input for the development of industry-related courses and training programmes

Members' Particulars 

English Chinese Title* Name*
CHOY Chung Fai, Keith (Chairman) 蔡鍾輝 Interim Head, Intermediaries Securities and Futures Commission
Prof CAO Jie, Jay^ (Academic Representative) 曹杰教授 Professor of Finance, School of Accounting and Finance

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr CHAN Fung Cheung, Wilson#(Academic Representative) 陳鳳翔博士 Adjunct Professor, College of Business and Associate Director of Outreach, MBA Programme City University of Hong Kong
Dr CHAN Wing Ho, Alex#(Academic Representative) 陳永豪博士 Associate Professor of Teaching, HKU Business School University of Hong Kong
CHEUNG Wai Kwok, Gary^(Industry Representative) 張為國 Chief Executive Officer OnePlatform Securities Limited
Prof CHOI Darwin#
(Academic Representative)
蔡達銘教授 Associate Professor, Department of Finance The Chinese University of Hong Kong
LO Wai Shun, Wilson^(SFC Representative) 盧偉遜 Senior Director, Licensing, Intermediaries Division Securities and Futures Commission
PONG Po Lam, Paul^(Industry Representative) 龐寶林 Managing Director Pegasus Fund Managers Limited
WONG Pui Ling, Pauline^(Industry Representative) 黃佩玲 Senior Vice President, Chief Executive, Hong Kong Branch State Street Bank and Trust Company
WONG Wing Fai, Joseph^(Industry Representative) 黃穎暉 Head of Compliance, Hong Kong China International Capital Corporation (International) Limited
MAN Hoi Yee, Holly#(Secretary) 文凱兒 Senior Manager, Licensing, Intermediaries Division Securities and Futures Commission

*Affiliation as at the date of appointment or as updated by members. 

^ Appointed for the term from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2024.

# Appointed for the term from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2025. 

Last update: 31 Mar 2023

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