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6. Actions you have taken

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Have you complained to the entities complained against in Part 2 above, other regulators/organisations or the police? If yes, please provide the relevant information below:

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Please enclose a photocopy of your complaint letter and where appropriate the reply of the entities complained against, other regulators/organisations, or the police.

7. Appointment of representative for individual complainant

If you wish to appoint a representative to handle your complaint on your behalf, please complete the following:

I authorise

to handle my complaint on my behalf, including submitting information, enquiring about the progress of my complaint, and receiving information and documents (which may include personal information and data) from the SFC.

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8. Important information

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to the SFC disclosing this complaint and my personal information contained herein to:
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I understand that if I do not select “agree”, the SFC may not be able to take the complaint further.

I understand that normally the SFC will not disclose this complaint and my personal information unless I have granted my consent. However, I also understand that, the SFC is exempt from certain principles in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance if the information I provide to the SFC is used for certain purposes related to law enforcement and regulation. The information can then be used for these purposes whether or not a complainant gives consent. For details, please read our Privacy policy statement on our website at

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10. Our performance pledge

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You will receive our auto acknowledgement by email upon submission of your complaint.

Last update: 29 Sep 2020

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