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Warning: Impersonating SFC staff

The SFC wishes to alert the public that it has received enquiries and complaints about individuals falsely claiming to represent the SFC.

In some cases, individuals purporting to be SFC staff have solicited investors to buy stocks, join investment schemes or make tax payments. Some of them falsely claim to represent the SFC by presenting fake SFC business cards, staff cards or documents which include the SFC logo.

If a person claiming to be from the SFC asks you to invest or pay money, you should refrain from dealing with them and report the matter to the Hong Kong Police’s Anti-Scam Helpline at 18222 or to your local law enforcement agency.

How to protect yourself

To avoid falling victim to impersonation fraud, always bear in mind the following:

  • DO NOT send money if requested to do so by any persons claiming to be SFC staff members who ask you to buy stocks, join investment schemes or pay tax.
  • Confirm the identity of a person claiming to be an SFC staff member by contacting us via enquiry@sfc.hk.

Last update: 24 Jan 2024

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