Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong

Independent panels and tribunals

The Process Review Panel and the Securities and Futures Appeals Tribunal provide external checks and balances that aim to ensure fairness in our decision making, due process, and the proper use of regulatory powers. Additionally, the Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading Arbitration Panel handles disputes related to leveraged foreign exchange trading.

 Process Review Panel 


The Process Review Panel advises the SFC on the adequacy of the internal procedures and operational guidelines governing the actions and decisions made in the performance of its regulatory functions. The scope of the panel's review includes licensing applications, intermediary inspections, product authorization, the receipt and handling of complaints, investigative, disciplinary and enforcement actions, and corporate finance transactions (including the administration of the Listing Rules).


  • LEE Kam-hung, Lawrence, BBS, JP


  • CHAN Lap-tak, Jeffrey
  • CHAN, Lena
  • CHAU Suet-fung, Dilys
  • CHUA Suk-lin, Ivy
  • CHUI Yik-chiu, Vincent
  • DING Chen
  • KWAN Wing-han, Margaret
  • KWOK Tun-ho, Chester
  • LAI Hin-wing, Henry
  • Dr MAK Sui-choi, Billy
  • TSANG Sui-cheong, Frederick
  • YUEN Shuk-kam, Nicole

Ex-officio Members

  • CHEUNG Kam-Wai, Christina, JP
  • Tim LUI, SBS, JP


 Securities and Futures Appeals Tribunal  


The Securities and Futures Appeals Tribunal is chaired by a High Court judge and comprises current and former judges appointed by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) as well as two other members drawn from a panel appointed by the Financial Secretary of the HKSAR under delegated authority. The tribunal reviews the SFC's regulatory decisions made under the Securities and Futures Ordinance and determines questions or issues arising out of or in connection with its reviews. It also reviews the Investor Compensation Company's determination in relation to investors' claims against the Investor Compensation Fund. 


  • HARTMANN Michael John, GBS
  • KWOK Hing-wai, Kenneth, SBS, SC, JP
  • LUNN Michael Victor, GBS


  • CHAN Chun-hung, Vincent
  • Prof CHAN Koon-hung
  • CHAN Jeffrey
  • CHAN Mei-bo, Mabel
  • CHENG Wai-sum, Yvonne
  • CHING Kim-wai, Kerry
  • DATWANI Mohan
  • HUI Ming-ming, Cindi
  • KONG Chi-how, Johnson
  • LAI Hin-wing, Henry
  • LAM Chi-yuen, Nelson
  • LEUNG Ming-hym, Peter
  • Prof LEUNG Siu-fai
  • MAK Kwong-fai
  • Dr MAK Sui-choi, Billy
  • MUH Yi-tong, Anthony
  • NG Joo-yeow, Gerry
  • SHIH Edith
  • TSANG Chi-wai, Roy
  • TSANG Kam-yin, Wendy
  • WONG Hin-wing, Simon
  • WONG Kwok-ching, Jamee
  • YAU Yu-xin, Amelia
  • YUEN Miu-ling, Wendy
  • ZEE Helen

 Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading Arbitration Panel 


The Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading Arbitration Panel arbitrates disputes between corporations licensed by the SFC for carrying out leveraged foreign exchange trading and their clients.


  • LAM Yuk-kun, Lawrence

Deputy Chairman

  • LEE Pui-shan, Rosita


  • CHAN Siu-ping, Chordio
  • CHEUNG Tai-keung, Jack
  • LEUNG Tak-lap
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