Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong

Welcome to the Fintech Contact Point

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has established the Fintech Contact Point to enhance communication with businesses involved in the development and application of financial technology (Fintech) which intend to conduct regulated activities in Hong Kong. Under the Securities and Futures Ordinance (SFO), no person shall carry on a business in a regulated activity without a licence granted by the SFC.

The purpose of the Fintech Contact Point is to facilitate the Fintech community's understanding of the current regulatory regime, and to enable the SFC to stay abreast of the development of Fintech in Hong Kong.

The Fintech Contact Point is part of the function of the Licensing Department of the Intermediaries Division.

You may contact us if you intend to engage in regulated activities through the use of some innovative technologies, for example, the application of blockchain in the delivery of financial services or products. We have been in discussions with potential and existing licensees who intend to provide robo-advisors and fund distribution platforms, peer-to-peer lending and equity crowdfunding platforms which offer securities or collective investment schemes.

Please complete the Fintech Enquiry Form if you would like to discuss your licensing implications arising from your proposed business plan.

The SFC has also set up a Regulatory Sandbox. Further details can be found by clicking here.

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