Graduate Trainee Programme
I get to play a central role in the running of the Hong Kong's investment markets and make a real impact on the way people do business.
I have access to a broad spectrum of investment industry experience and the opportunity to develop expert-level knowledge of Hong Kong investment markets.
I get to play a role in forming and enforcing the rules and regulations that help maintain Hong Kong's position as a world-class investment centre.

The SFC Graduate Trainee Programme is a 3-year talent programme with the following aims:

  • Providing challenging career opportunities to bright, young and driven individuals who possess public service motivation and have the passion to build a long-term career with the SFC
  • Ensure a vital pipeline of young talent flowing into key functional areas of the Commission

The SFC takes a three-pronged approach to graduate training and development.

Relationship-based learning

Working closely with SFC colleagues will form a central part of every trainee’s development process throughout the programme. This will take in coaching, multi-source feedback, opportunities to interact with members of senior management and a range of valuable networking opportunities.

Experience-based learning

Learning through practical experience is a vital step on the road to developing the specialist expertise roles with the SFC require. Trainees will take on three eight-month functional attachments within one of the following divisions/departments, before moving into a full-year job placement in the programme’s third year.

  • Corporate Finance
  • Enforcement
  • Intermediaries Supervision, Intermediaries
  • Investment Products
  • Licensing, Intermediaries

Trainees will also benefit from participation in various intra- and cross-divisional project activities during the course of the programme, further expanding the scope of their skills and experience.

Education-based learning

The programme also places an important emphasis on the value of direct education, with a curriculum structure spanning the entire three years designed to continuously develop trainee knowledge from orientation through to management, relationship and technical skills, including computing and languages. This will come in the form of classroom activities, in-house sharing sessions and seminars and a selection of e-learning modules.

You can find more details about the programme in the Graduate Trainee Programme Brochure. To apply now, please refer to Graduate Trainee Programme.


Last update: 12 Nov 2019

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