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Disciplinary proceedings in relation to Pearl Oriental Innovation Limited (currently known as Pearl Oriental Oil Limited)
Date News Release Hearing Schedule & Venue Decision
4 Sep 2019 The relevant parties either: (i) are serving or have already served their respective prison sentences from 5 to 7 years imposed by the High Court of Hong Kong following their criminal convictions in respect of the same matter which is the subject of the disciplinary proceedings; or (ii) are believed to have fled the jurisdiction. After careful consideration of all the facts and circumstances of the matter, the Executive has decided not to proceed with the disciplinary proceedings against the former chairman of Pearl Oriental Oil Limited and others for alleged breach of the Takeovers Code.
9 Jan 2014 - An oral hearing was held in private on 9 January 2014 to deal with the application to stay the Panel proceedings in light of the criminal proceedings against Mr Wong Kwan and others. The Chairman of the disciplinary Panel has decided not to stay the Panel proceedings.
18 Sep 2013 SFC commences disciplinary proceedings against chairman of Pearl Oriental Oil Limited and others for alleged breach of Takeovers Code (18 September 2013) To be fixed Proceedings in progress

Last update: 4 Sep 2019

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