Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong

Chairman's role and responsibilities

Our Chairman's key non-executive responsibilities include:

  • establishing and developing an effective Board;
  • leading the Board as a team;
  • planning and managing the Board's business;
  • leading the Board in setting the SFC's overall directions, policies, strategies, agendas and priorities;
  • facilitating effective contributions by the non-executive directors;
  • maintaining and developing a productive relationship with the chief executive officer (CEO);
  • working with the CEO to ensure that key issues are discussed by the Board in a timely manner, so that the Board has adequate support and all necessary information to make decisions;
  • working with the CEO to facilitate communication with the stakeholders on our policies;
  • representing the SFC in local and international occasions as appropriate, including attending meetings of Legislative Council committees and subcommittees when requested;
  • providing counsel to the CEO on how the SFC is run, including giving feedback to the CEO on the senior management's performance, development and succession as well as on the organisational structure; and
  • evaluating the effectiveness of how the Board, committees and individual directors perform.

Click here for the biography of Mr LUI Tim Leung, Tim, SBS, JP, Chairman of the SFC.

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