I. FAQs on aggregated orders

Q1 :

For monthly stock saving plans, we as an RRI will aggregate the investment amount of the customers and then allot the shares to them after purchase.  How do we tag BCANs for such aggregated orders? Do we need to submit the customers’ CID?

A: In the case of an aggregated order, the RRI should tag a specific reserved BCAN code (the number value “2”) to the aggregated order to be submitted to SEHK. For example, if the CE number of the RRI is ABC123, the BCAN “ABC123.2” should be tagged to the aggregated order. The RRI should also submit information on each underlying trade (including the BCAN for each relevant client) of the executed aggregated order to SEHK within 3 trading days (i.e. T+3) by submitting an Aggregated Transaction Report to SEHK. 

Last update: 26 Nov 2021

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