Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong

Past transactions

Please view the list by selecting the first alphabet that starts off the name of each entry:

Name of Target Company Stock Code
A-S China Plumbing Products Limited 8262
AAG Energy Holdings Limited 2686
Advanced Card Systems Holdings Limited 2086
Alibaba.Com Limited 1688
Allied Cement Holdings Limited 1312
Allied Overseas Limited 593
Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe Co. Ltd. 839
Ankor Group Limited 59
Arnhold Holdings Limited 102
Artfield Group 1229
Artfield Group Limited 1229
Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings Ltd. 711
Asia Commercial Holdings Limited 104
Asia Financial Holdings Limited 662
Asia Logistics Technologies Limited 862
Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Limited 1135
Asian Capital Holdings Limited 8295
Asian Growth Properties Limited -
ASR Logistics Holdings Limited 1803
Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Limited 1717
Automated Systems Holdings Limited 771
AV Concept Holdings Limited 595
AVIC International Holdings Limited 161
BALtrans Holdings Limited 562
Baoxin Auto Group Limited 1293
BBI Life Sciences Corporation 1035
Beautiful China Holdings Co. Ltd. 706
Belle International Holdings Ltd. 1880
BEP International Holdings Limited 2326
Billion Industrial Holdings Limited 2299
Binhai Investment Company Limited 8035
Bloomage BioTechnology Corporation Limited 963
Bracell Limited 1768
Brilliance Worldwide Holdings Limited 8312
Burlingame International Company Limited 202
Byford International Limited 8272
Cable & Wireless HKT Limited 8
Capital Strategic Investment Limited 497
Carico Holdings Limited 729
CASH Financial Services Group Limited 510
CCT Tech International Limited 261
Chanco International Group Limited 264
Cheong Ming Investments Limited 1196
Cheung Wah Development Company Limited 648
Chevalier Pacific Holdings Limited 508
Chi Cheung Investment Company Limited 112
Chia Hsin Cement Greater China Holding Corporation Limited 699
Chiho-Tiande Group Limited 967
China Agri-Products Exchange Limited 149
China Automation Group Limited 569
China CNR Corporation Limited 6199
China Everbright Technology Limited 256
China Financial Leasing group limited 2312
China Gas Holdings Limited 384
China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd. 658
China Huiyuan Juice Group Limited 1886
China Leason CBM & Shale Gas Group Company Limited 8270
China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Ltd. 916
China Merchants China Direct Investments Limited 133
China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd. 1117
China Motion Telecom International Limited 989
China Motor Bus Company Limited 26
China National Building Material Co. Ltd. 3323
China National Materials Co. Ltd. 1893
China Netcom Group Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited 906
China Netcom Technology Holdings Ltd. 8071
China New Town Development Company Limited 1278
China Oriental Group Company Limited 581
China Paradise Electronics Retail Limited 503
China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Limited 1345
China Power Clean Energy Development Company Limited 735
China Power New Energy Development Co. Ltd. 735
China Primary Resources Holdings Limited 8117
China Resources and Transportation Group Limited 269
China Resources Beer (Holdings) Company Limited 291
China Resources Gas Group Limited 1193
China Resources Microelectronics Limited 597
China Shanshui Cement Group Limited 691
China Shengmu Organic Milk Limited 1432
China Strategic Holdings Limited 235
Chinese Estates Holdings Limited 127
Chong Hing Bank Limited 1111
Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited 711
CIAM Group Limited 378
CIG Yangtze Ports PLC 8233
Cinderella Media Group 550
CITIC International Financial Holdings Limited 183
City e-Solutions Limited 557
Clear Media Limited 100
CMBC Capital Holdings Ltd. 1141
Companion Building Material International Holdings Limited 432
Coolpoint Energy Limited 8032
Cosway Corporation Limited 288
CSMC Technologies Corporation Limited 597
Dalian Port (PDA) Company Limited 2880
Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., Ltd. 3699
Dan Form Holdings Company Limited 271
Dao Heng Bank Group Limited 223
Decca Holdings Limited 997
Denway Motors Limited 203
Digital China Holdings Limited 861
Dongpeng Holdings Company Limited 3386
Dorsett Hospitality International Limited 2266
E2-Capital (Holding) Limited 378
Easyknit Enterprises Holdings Limited 616
Easyknit International Holdings Limited 1218
Egana Jewellery & Pearls Limited 926
Elec & Eltek International Company Limited 1151
Elec & Eltek International Holdings Limited 33
Emperor Culture Group Limited 491
Enerchina Holdings Limited 622
Enterprise Development Holdings Ltd. 1808
Enviro Energy International Holdings Limited 1102
EPI (Holdings) Limited 689
ERA Mining Machinery Limited 8043
eSun Holdings Limited 571
Eternite International Company Limited 8351
Evergo China Holdings Limited 631
Excel Development (Holdgins) Limited 1372
Far East Global Group Limited 830
Fong's Industries Company Limited 641
Food Wise Holdings Limited 1632
Ford Glory Group Holdings Limited 1682
Four Seas Travel International Limited 755 Limited 755
FPB Bank Holding Company Limited 717
Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Limited 636
Fulbond Holdings Limited 1041
FX Creations International Holdings Limited 8136
Gay Giano International Group Limited 686
Gayety Holdings Limited 8179
GCL New Energy Holdings Limited 451
Giordano International Limited 709
Global Brands Group Holding Limited 787
Global China Technology Group Limited 1105
Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited 8271
Global Mastermind Capital Limited 905
Glorious Property Holdings Limited 845
Gold Tat Group International Limited 8266
Goldbond Group Holdings Limited 172
Golden Meditech Holdings Ltd. 801
Goldin Properties Holdings Limited 283
Good Fellow Resources Holdings Limited 109
Grand Concord International Holdings Limited 844
Great Wall Technology Company Limited 74
Greenheart Group Limited 94
GST Holdings Limited 416
Guoco Group Limited 53
Hang Fat Ginseng Holdings Company Limited 911
Hanny Holdings Limited 275
Hantec Investment Holdings Limited 111
Harbin Brewery Group Limited 249
Harbin Electric Company Limited - H Shares 1133
Heng Fai Enterprises Limited 185
Hengli Commercial Properties (Group) Limited 169
Henry Group Holdings Limited 859
Hikari Tsushin International Limited 603
Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited 44
Hong Kong Catering Management Limited 668
Honko International Holdings Limited 673
Hopewell Holdings Limited 54
Hualing Holdings Limited 382
Huaneng Renewables Corporation Limited 958
Hunan Nonferrous Metals Corporation Limited 2626
Hutchison Global Communications Holdings Limited 757
Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited 2332
Hutchison Whampoa Limited 13
Hydoo International Holding Ltd. 1396
i-Control Holdings Limited 8355
I-Wood International Holdings Limited 162
ICO Group Limited 1460
IDT International Limited 167
imGo Limited 67
Incutech Investments Limited 356
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited 349
Inspur International Ltd. 596
Integrated Distribution Services Group Limited 2387
Interactive Entertainment China Cultural Technology Investments Limited 8081
International Mining Machinery Holdings Limited 1683
International Standard Resources Holdings Limited 91
Intime Retail (Group) Company Limited 1833
IPE Group Limited 929
JCF Holdings Limited 626
JF Household Furnishings Limited 776
Jilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. 549
Jingwei Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. 350
Jiwa Bio Pharm Holdings Limited 2327
JLF Investment Company Limited 472
Kai Shi China Holdings Company Limited 1281
Kaisa Group Holdings Limited 1638
KEE Holdings Company Limited 2011
Kerry Properties Limited 683
KFM Kingdom Holdings Limited 3816
KH Investment Holdings Limited 8172
King Force Group Holdings Limited 8315
King Pacific International Holdings Limited 72
Kingway Brewery Holdings Limited 124
Ko Yo Chemical (Group) Limited 827
KTP Holdings Limited 645
KVB Kunlun Financial Group Limited 8077
Kwong On Bank Limited 1115
Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Limited 306
L & A International Holdings Ltd. 8195
Lai Fung Holdings Limited 1125
Leefung-Asco Printers Holdings Limited 623
Legend Strategy International Holdings Group Company Limited 1355
Lei Shing Hong Limited 238
Leung Kee Holdings Limited 307
Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited 1089
Li & Fung Limited 494
Lifestyle International Holdings Limited 1212
Linefan Technology Holdings Limited 8166
Linmark Group Limited 915
Little Sheep Group Limited 968
Maanshan Iron & Steel Company Limited 323
Magic Holdings Limited 1633
Magnum Entertainment Group Holdings Limited 2080
Manta Holdings Company Limited 936
Mascotte Holdings Limited 136
Matsunichi Communication Holdings Limited(formerly known as Emperor Technology Venture Limited) 283
Meadville Holdings Limited 3313
MediaNation Inc 8160
Melco International Development Limited 200
Mengke Holdings Limited 1629
Midas International Holdings Limited 1172
Midland Holdings Limited 1200
Ming An (Holdings) Co. Limited 1389
Mirabell International Holdings Limited 1179
Miramar Hotel & Investment Company Limited 71
Morning Star Resources Limited 542
Multi-Asia International Holdings Limited 234
Neo-China Land Group (Holdings) Limited 563
Neo-Neon Holdings Limited 1868
New World China Land Limited 917
New World Department Store China Ltd. 825
New World Development Company Limited 8818
New World Mobile Holdings Limited 862
Ng Fung Hong Limited 318
Nga Chun Holdings Company Limited 1462
Nirvana Asia Ltd 1438
Noble Jewelry Holdings Limited 8758
Nority International Group Limited 660
Novo Group Ltd. 1048
On Time Logistics Holdings Ltd. 6123
Orient Overseas (International) Ltd. 316
Oriental Press Group Limited 18
OTO Holdings Limited 6880
Ozner Water International Holding Limited 2014
Pacific Century Insurance Holdings Limited 65
Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited 432
Paladin Limited 495
Panda-Recruit Limited 8073
Panorama International Holdings Limited 8173
Paul Y - ITC Construction Holdings Limited 498
PCCW Limited 8
Perfectech International Holdings Limited 765
Ping An Securities Group (Holdings) Ltd. 231
Po Wing Kwan International (Holdings) Limited 149
Polyard Petroleum International Group Limited 8011
Ports Design Limited 589
Pou Sheng International (Holdings) Limited 3813
Power Assets Holdings Limited 0006
Power Financial Group Limited (Formerly known as Jun Yang Financial Holdings Limited) 397
Pricerite Group Limited 996
Prosperity Investment Holdings Limited 310
Prosten Technology Holdings Limited 8026
Qianlong Technology International Holdings Limited 1236
Qualipak International Holdings Limited 1332
Quality HealthCare Asia Limited 593
Quam Limited 952
RBI Holdings Limited 566
renren Media Limited 59
Rentian Technology Holdings Limited 885
Rising Development Holdings Limited 1004
Rivera (Holdings) Limited 281
Rojam Entertainment Holdings Limited 8075
Royale Furniture Holdings Limited 1198
Rui Kang Pharmaceutical Group Investments Limited 8037
Saint Honore Holdings Limited 192
Sam Woo Holdings Limited 2322
Samling Global Limited 3938
Sanmenxia Tianyuan Aluminum Company Limited 8253
SCMP Group Limited 583
Shandong Luoxin Pharmacy Stock Company Limited 8058
Shanghai Forte Land Co., Ltd. 2337
Shanghai Zendai Property Limited 755
Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Limited 80
Shougang Fushan Resources Group Limited 639
Shui On Construction And Materials Limited 983
Shun Cheong Holdings Limited 650
Shun Tak Holdings Limited 242
Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited 1165
Simsen International Corporation Limited 993
Sino Golf Holdings Limited 361
SinoMedia Holding Limited 623
Sinopec Beijing Yanhua Petrochemical Company Limited 325
Sinotrans Limited 0598
Sinotrans Shipping Ltd. 368
Skynet (International Group) Holdings Limited 577
SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings Limited 315
SMI Culture & Travel Group Holdings Limited 2366
SOCAM Development Limited 983
Solargiga Energy Holdings Limited 757
Sound Global Ltd 967
South China Holdings Limited 265
Southern Energy Holdings Group Limited 1573
Speedy Global Holdings Limited 540
Spring Real Estate Investment Trust 1426
Springland International Holdings Limited 1700
Starlight International Holdings Limited 485
Stockmartnet Holdings Ltd 8123
Sun Art Retail Group Ltd 6808
Sun Century Group Limited 1383
Sun.King Power Electronics Group Limited 580
SUNDAY Communications Limited 866
Sunny Global Holdings Limited 1094
Superdata Software Holdings Limited 8263
Symphony Holdings Limited 1223
Synergis Holdings Limited 2340
Synergis Holdings Limited 2340
Synergis Holdings Ltd. 2340
Ta Fu International Holdings Limited 1041
Ta Yang Group Holdings Limited 1991
Taifook Securities Group Limited 665
Tanrich Financial Holdings Limited 812
TC Orient Lighting Holdings Limited 515
TCC International Holdings Ltd. 1136
TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited 2618
TCL Electronics Holdings Limited 1070
Teamway International Group Holdings Limited 1239
Telefield International (Holdings) Limited 1143
Television Broadcasts Ltd. 511
The Cross-Harbour (Holdings) Limited 32
The Hong Kong Parkview Group Limited 207
The Sincere Company, Limited 244
Tian An China Investments Company Limited 28
Times Limited 1832
TOM Online Inc. 8282
Tomorrow International Holdings Limited 760
Tonic Industries Holdings Limited 978
Tonly Electronics Holdings Limited 1249
TPV Technology Limited 903
Trauson Holdings Company Limited 325
Tysan Holdings Limited 687
UDL Holdings Limited 620
UKF (Holdings) Limited 1468
Unisplendour Technology (Holdings) Limited 365
Up Energy Development Group Limited 307
V.S. International Group Limited 1002
Value Convergence Holdings Limited 821
Value Partners Group Ltd. 806
Vinda International Holdings Limited 3331
Vital Group Holdings Limited 1164
Wah Fu International Holdings Limited 952
Wah Kwong Shipping Holdings Limited 95
Walker Group Holdings Limited 1386
Water Oasis Group Limited 1161
Wealth Glory Holdings Limited 8269
West China Cement Limited 2233
Wheelock and Company Limited 20
Wheelock Properties Limited 49
Winfoong International Limited 63
Wing Hang Bank, Limited 302
Wing Lung Bank Limited 96
Wing Shan International Limited 570
Winteam Pharmaceutical Group Limited 570
Winto Group (Holdings) Limited 8238
Winton Holdings Bermuda Limited 510
Wo Kee Hong (Holdings) Limited 720
Wonderful World Holdings Limited 109
Wong's Kong King International (Holdings) Limited 532
Wumart Stores, Inc 1025
Xingfa Aluminium Holdings Limited 98
Xinjiang Tianye Water Saving Irrigation System Company Limited 8280
Yantai North Andre Juice Co Ltd 8259
Yardway Group Limited 646
Yashili International Holdings Ltd 1230
Yingde Gases Group Company Limited 2168
Yu Ming Investments Limited 666
Yuk Wing Group Holdings Limited 1536
Zhejiang Yonglong Enterprises Company Limited 8211
Zhengzhou China Resources Gas Company, Limited 3928
Zhongyu Gas Holdings Limited 8070
Zhuhai Holdings Investment Group Limited 908
ZZNode Technologies Company Limited 2371

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