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Suspicious Investment Products

The investment products set out in this alert list have come to the SFC's attention through enquiries or complaints. They either (i) display certain characteristics of a "collective investment scheme" (CIS) or a “structured product” (“SP”) as defined under the Securities and Futures Ordinance (“SFO”) but have not been authorised by the SFC for offering to the Hong Kong public, or (ii) consist of other “financial products” under the SFO (e.g. securities, futures contracts) that display suspicious features or are sold by unlicensed entities to Hong Kong investors.

This list is not exhaustive and may be updated from time to time as new information becomes available.

In general, investment products must be sold by an intermediary licensed by or registered with the SFC. Many investment products including CIS and SPs must be authorised by the SFC before they are offered to the Hong Kong public, unless exempted under the law. Non-SFC-authorised investment products may generally be sold to professional investors only.

Non-SFC-authorised investment products and their disclosure documents have not been reviewed by the SFC. Investors should exercise extreme caution. They may suffer significant or even total losses in such investments.

For further information on CISunlisted SPsinvestment in overseas propertiesICO and digital tokens, please follow the links.


  • This list provides an early warning to investors but it is not a substitute for investors’ own due diligence.
  • If you have any questions about the list, please send your enquiry to suspiciousIP_alert@sfc.hk.

Please view the list by selecting the initial letter that starts off the name / description of each product or the sub-group labelled “Chinese” for products bearing only Chinese names / description. You can also search by name / description, by type or by location to check whether a product is already on the list.

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Name/ description Location Type Add date
The Beachfront Ocean Front Condominiums and Villas Phuket, Thailand Real property related 25 Mar 2022
The Element Manchester, UK Real property related 30 Aug 2021
Digital token related
Investment fund
Other investments
Real property related

Last update: 25 Feb 2022

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