Organisational chart

CEO's Office

Commission Secretariat 

What we do:

Ensure good order of Board affairs, and advise and assist senior management in dealing with a wide variety of topical issues and Commission-wide policies and initiatives. Notably, we:

  • Maintain corporate governance of the SFC and its Board;
  • Engage, communicate and maintain relationship with stakeholders including the HKSAR Government, the Legislative Council and its members, fellow regulators and other public bodies; and
  • Deal with complaints against the SFC and our staff (whether lodged directly or referred by the Ombudsman). 

International Affairs and Sustainable Finance

What we do:

Support the board and senior management in its participation in the international regulatory community, including:

  • Advising on strategies in relation to international securities regulatory developments and sustainable finance initiatives;
  • Enhancing cooperation between the SFC and overseas regulatory authorities, both bilaterally and through multilateral organisations, such as IOSCO and the FSB; and
  • Coordinating with the HKSAR Government, other regulatory agencies and industry bodies on international developments, sustainable finance, and on formulating and implementing initiatives.

Mainland Affairs

What we do:

  • Monitor and research developments and regulatory trends in Mainland capital markets and provide advice on relevant strategies and cooperation initiatives;
  • Maintain close communication with the China Securities Regulatory Commission and other Mainland authorities to facilitate cross-boundary cooperation, and coordinate communication and cooperation between the SFC and Mainland regulatory authorities; and
  • Support initiatives led by the HKSAR Government on Mainland-Hong Kong financial cooperation.

External Relations

What we do:

Advise senior management on communication and engagement with a view to promoting awareness of the SFC’s policies and ensure that our messages are disseminated to stakeholders effectively by:

  • Formulating and implementing communications and engagement strategies with a wide range of stakeholders of the SFC;
  • Providing editorial services for corporate publications and issuing related press releases; and
  • Managing the corporate website and official social media accounts.

Press Office

What we do:

Serves as the primary contact point for media organisations to facilitate media coverage of regulatory policies, initiatives and actions of the SFC by:

  • Formulating and driving media strategies to enhance public understanding of the functions and the work of the SFC;
  • Evaluating public feedback and spearheading engagement with media stakeholders; and
  • Organise media events to foster communication between the media and SFC’s senior executives.

Last update: 22 Jul 2022

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