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Lee Ka Lo (李嘉露)
Lee Ka Lo3
Lee Ka Lo (李嘉露)
Nationality: Chinese
Sex: Female
Date of birth: 11 Mar 1997
Place of birth: Hong Kong

Background Information:

Lee (nicknamed Carol) is alleged to have dealt with property known or believed to represent proceeds of indicatable offence, contrary to sections 25(1) and 25(3) of the Organized and Serious Crimes Ordinance.

Between October 2018 and May 2019, a syndicate was alleged to use multiple nominee accounts including Lee’s accounts to corner the shares of 2 Hong Kong-listed companies and drive up the price of those shares.  At a later stage, the syndicate was alleged to induce investors to purchase those shares through different social media platforms.  The syndicate then disposed of their shares aggressively at a profit and the share price collapsed once the demand was exhausted.

The SFC has credible information that Lee is not currently in Hong Kong. A warrant to arrest Lee was issued by a Magistrate on 3 October 2022.


Last update: 13 Oct 2022

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