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Pan Caihong (潘彩虹)
Pan Caihong (潘彩虹)
Nationality: Chinese
Sex: Female
Date of birth: 7 Sep 1976
Place of birth: China

Background Information:

Pan was an advisor to the Chairman of Great World Company Holdings Ltd during 1 August 2008 to 31 January 2009.

On 27 May 2011, nine summonses were issued against Pan in connection with suspected insider dealing. It was alleged that Pan sold 2,252,000 shares in Great World Company Holdings Ltd (stock code: 8003) on 23 July 2009 after she became aware of negative inside information about the company. Pan failed to attend hearing at the Eastern Magistrates’ Court.  On 23 June 2011, a warrant was issued by the Court for her arrest. 

The SFC has credible information that Pan has left Hong Kong since 11 December 2009.   

Last update: 2 Oct 2018

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