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Submitting information to the SFC

Please use this web page to submit information on any of the people subject to arrest warrants and persons of interest to the SFC. Due to the high volume of information that we receive, we may not be able to reply to every submission. However, we appreciate any relevant information that you may provide.

By voluntarily providing information via this web page, you are consenting to the SFC’s use of such information for the purposes of performing the SFC’s statutory functions under the Securities and Futures Ordinance, including the investigation of securities crimes or misconduct. You are not required to provide your name or other personal information but failure to supply such information may impede or preclude the investigation of your tip by the SFC.

The information provided by you via this web page may also be disclosed to relevant courts, panels, tribunals and committees, and/or other local and/or overseas regulatory/ government/ judicial bodies as permitted or required under the law, pursuant to any regulatory/ supervisory/ investigatory assistance arrangements between us and other local/ overseas regulators, or persons engaged by us to assist us in the performance of our statutory functions.

A copy of the Privacy Policy Statement adopted by the SFC is available on the SFC’s website at www.sfc.hk.

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Last update: 18 Oct 2018

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