Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong

Commission Secretariat

What we do:

Support the board and senior management and assist them in dealing with a wide variety of SFC-wide policies and initiatives. Specifically, we:

  • liaise with members of the board and of other SFC committees and organise their meetings;
  • handle communications with the HKSAR Government, the Legislative Council, the Ombudsman, regulators and other public bodies; and

  • process complaints against the SFC and our staff.

International Affairs and Sustainable Finance

What we do:

  • Advise the SFC in relation to international securities regulatory developments and cooperation.
  • Coordinate communication and cooperation between the SFC and overseas regulatory authorities.
  • Maintain close communication with various agencies and industry bodies on international developments and on formulating and implementing initiatives.

Mainland Affairs

What we do:

  • Monitor and research developments and regulatory trends in Mainland capital markets and provide advice on relevant strategies and cooperation initiatives.
  • Maintain close communication with the China Securities Regulatory Commission and other Mainland authorities to facilitate cross-boundary cooperation, and coordinate communication and cooperation between the SFC and Mainland regulatory authorities.
  • Support initiatives led by the HKSAR Government on Mainland-Hong Kong financial cooperation.

Press Office

What we do:

Serve as the link between the SFC and the media by:

    • monitoring media coverage of regulatory issues;
    • interacting with local and international media organisations; and
    • developing and implementing media strategies to promote the SFC’s policies and initiatives.


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